Feedback and Compliants

RIGOL Channel Feedback and Compliants Handling


1、Compliant Content

Compliants and reports of violations in various markets and cooperation, such as but not limited to improper market competition, unfair treatment, corruption of manufacturers (soliciting or accepting bribes, buying shares or holding positions in distributors, and so on.), fakes, infringement of company business secrets, etc.


2、Compliant Method

Report compliants to RIGOL using the following methods:

Onsite compliant, directly feedback to RIGOL representatives.

Phone: +886 512-66806688-11099


Post mail: Audit Department, No.8, Keling Rd., Hi-tech Development Zone, Suzhou, China, ZIP:215163

Website: Compliant/Feedback form via RIGOL official site, e-commerce platform customer service repressive, ISM/SRM platform.


3、Compliant-handling Conditions

Please follow these guidelines when making compliants:

Real-name compliants are encouraged since they help to provide us with more detailed and accurate information to follow up and investigate the event. Thereby, we will be able to inform the result to the reporter accordingly.

Please provide clear, detailed facts so we can deal with the issue in a timely way. Include information about you, and relevant evidence such as contracts, documents, emails, and product barcodes.


4、Confidentiality Commitment

RIGOL promises that the reporting organizations, persons, and content shall be kept strictly confidential.


5、Receiving and processing

We’ll follow the compliant handling process to assign a dedicate owner to fairly deal with all compliants.