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Optional accessory Standard configuration for DP800As
Filter and quasi-peak detector kit EMI-DSA800(USD:659)
Measurement Suite VSWR-DSA800(USD:505)
Advanced measurement module AMK-DSA800(USD:549)
Universal spectrum analyzer optional accessory Standard configuration for DP800As
S1210 EMI Pre-compliance(USD:524)
VSWR bridge,1 MHz to 3.2 GHz, VB1032(USD:692)
VSWR bridge,800 MHz to 4 GHz, VB1040(USD:879)
VSWR bridge,2 GHz to 8 GHz, VB1080(USD:734)
The near field probe NFP - 3(USD:524)
RF demo kit (transmitter) TX1000(USD:945)
PC software Ultra Spectrum(USD:253)
Including: (N-SMA cable, BNC-BNC cable, N-BNC adapter, N-SMA adapter, 75Ω-50Ω adapter, 900 MHz / 1.8 GHz antenna (2pcs), 2.4GHz antenna (2pcs)) DSA Utility Kit(USD:791)
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  • 10 Hz Minimum Resolution Bandwidth
  • Zero Span Function
  • Peak Table Function
  • Excellent Displayed Average Noise Level(DANL)
  • Excellent Single Sideband Phase Noise
  • VSWR Measurement Kit
  • Powerful PC software Option
  • EMI Pre-compliance Test Software
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