Product Configration
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Optional accessory Standard configuration for DP800As
Option Kit BND-MSO / DS4000(USD:635)
Rack mounting kit RM-DS4000(USD:330)
Calibration Kit CK-DS6000 DS6000(USD:39)
CAN/LIN Decoding and LIN Trigger Kit SD-AUTO-DS4000(USD:605)
FlexRay Decoding Kit SD-FlexRay-DS4000(USD:1,375)
I2C/SPI Decoding Kit SD-I2C / SPI-DS4000(USD:605)
RS232 Decoding Kit SD-RS232-DS4000(USD:605)
Oscilloscopes General Accessories Standard configuration for DP800As
500MHz passive high impedance probe RP3500A(USD:220)
600MHz passive high impedance probe RP5600A(USD:435)
1.5GHz low-impedance passive probes (500ohm) RP6150A(USD:325)
800MHz Active Differential Probe RP7080(USD:2,099)
800MHz active single-ended probe RP7080S(USD:1,049)
1.5GHz Active Differential Probe RP7150(USD:4,510)
1.5GHz active single-ended probe RP7150S(USD:2,520)
Current probe RP1000P(USD:1,485)
Current Probe 300KHz, 100A DC RP1001C(USD:825)
Current probe 1MHz, 70ADC RP1002C(USD:1,705)
Current probe 50MHz, 30A RP1003C(USD:3,245)
Current probe 100MHz, 30A RP1004C(USD:4,675)
Current probe 10MHz, 150A RP1005C(USD:4,125)
10kV 50MHz high voltage probe RP1010H(USD:499)
18kV 150MHz high voltage probe RP1018H(USD:988)
High Voltage Differential Probe 25MHz, 1.3KV RP1025D(USD:450)
High Voltage Differential Probe 50MHz, 6.5KV RP1050D(USD:650)
High Voltage Differential Probe 100MHz, 6.5KV RP1100D(USD:750)
300MHz high voltage probes (2kV) RP1300H(USD:231)
Probe interface adapter T2R1000(USD:314)
Power analysis software UPA-DS(USD:880)
150 MHZ passive high impedance probe PVP2150 (single loaded)(USD:41)
350 MHZ passive high impedance probe PVP2350 (single loaded)(USD:55)
when choosing RP1003C, RP1004C or RP1005C current probes, RP1000P must be added for power and signal conditioning.
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  • Up to 60,000 wfms/s waveform capture rate
  • Standard with 4 analog channels
  • Up to 2GSa/s sample rate and 14Mpts deep memory for each channel
  • Real-time waveform record, playback, and analysis function
  • Serial bus trigger and decoding function
  • Standard with mask test function
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